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I'm Not Scared, You're Scared | Meyers, Seth

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Lange Beschreibung
From the incomparable host of  Late Night with Seth Meyers comes a hilarious new picture book.

When you're a bear who is easily scared, it's hard to have friends. Fortunately, Bear has one: Rabbit, who is very brave. One day, Rabbit urges Bear to face his fears and embark on an adventure together. However, things don't entirely go as planned, and the two friends learn the true meaning of bravery.
Equal parts hilarious and touching, this funny tale of adventure, bravery, and daring rescue will both inspire the adventurous spirit in all of us and make us laugh along the way. With the unfailingly witty voice of one of America's favorite comedians, Seth Meyers's debut picture book is bound for hilarity history.

Comedian Meyers, making his picture book debut, skillfully employs classic story- telling elements of repetition, patterned action, and a cumulative recap in a breezy readaloud starring an easily terrified ursine protagonist. ...Sayegh s (Arlo Draws an Octopus) digital illustrations offer impeccable visual timing and comic expressiveness in cinematically framed, richly textured images. It s a satisfyingly silly adventure that doesn t undercut Bear s need for the occasional life hack.--Publishers Weekly


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